The Ballroom of Sarasota

John Moldthan

Dance instructor, and owner, at the Ballroom of Sarasota

John Moldthan Top Ballroom Dance Teacher of the Year John Moldthan and his wife Debbie are the owners of The Ballroom Of Sarasota, John has been dancing for 33 years. He started his dancing career in 1979 After he was involved in a car crash that had disabled him for 9 months he went to work at Fred Astaire dance studio for a short while and then onto one of the Top Independent Ballroom school in the United States “Mason and Bush” where the a world of Dance knowledge changed his life. Johns coach and first trainer Joe Green introduced him to the some of the worlds finest ballroom coaches. John studied with World Champions on a regular basis. His first title was won in 1981 as “The Mid United States American style Rising Star Champion” in American Smooth and Rhythm.

John has been a member of the NDCA since 1980 he is Certified in American and International styles as well as Theater arts, and is a member of the N.A.D.T.A, Terpsichore and DIVDA John is also an examiner for DIVDA . He is a certified World class adjudicator and was nominated Teacher of the year by his peers three times at the pro/am world Championships at the Ohio Star Ball. He moved to Sarasota in 1985. Met his wife Debbie in 1986 and the two of them proceeded to win and place in a number of Open Championships throughout the world as one of the Top couples in the United States. John is the proud father of two beautiful children Ashley and Ryan. He and his wife continued to compete and judge competitions for several years and then in 1992 they decided to open their own studio which has become one of the top studios in the nation.

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