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Greetings from The Ballroom of Sarasota! Let me start by telling you how happy we are to have you as a student here at The Ballroom. Whether you are one of our many long-standing students or a cautiously curious new student, we consider ourselves to be very fortunate to have your trust in us to teach you. We do not take your journey toward becoming the Dancer you wish to be lightly, nor do we take this honor for granted. It is upon this foundation that we at The Ballroom of Sarasota are proud to continue to offer you one of the finest education and instruction programs in Ballroom Dancing that Sarasota has to offer.

At The Ballroom, your teacher will help you develop more confidence in yourself as you learn all of the greatest new moves Ballroom Dancing has in store. You will discover newfound muscle awareness, grace, poise, balance and yes, even rhythm ! We teach using The Three F’s Teaching Method:

(1) FUN - with every lesson
(2) FAST - discovering all your hidden POTENTIAL, and
(3) FRIENDLY – meeting new fellow dancers with similar interests & needs

The Ballroom of Sarasota has a student support system that is unmatched in the industry. Yes, I said it…”we have the best students of all the dance studios!” They are here just as you, to learn how to dance. One of the reasons we are so proud of our students is because they often go out of their way to be encouraging to each other. When you feel the syndrome known as the “I Can’t Do It” or “I’ll never get it, this is hard” setting in, our students are quick to commiserate and help lift your spirits. When those moments come upon you - and they will – you will be reminded by all the others here that this syndrome happens to everyone so you won’t feel alone. You will conquer. You will prevail. You will dance!

We want your experience here at The Ballroom of Sarasota to be second to none. One of our goals is to make you look and feel as if you've danced your whole life. This means that when you are out dancing in public, people don't ask where you take dance lessons; they’ll say, “I wish I could dance like you!”

The Ballroom of Sarasota is proud to say it has been in business for over 30 years and has continued to offer the finest quality of teaching and services in our community. We want you to want to be here and that is why we have NO CONTRACTS! Not only do we work exclusively on a pay-as-you-go basis, we do so at the most affordable prices for unparalleled quality of instruction and remarkable level of personalized service. Private 50-minute lessons are scheduled by appointment only and are available 7 days a week.

Regardless of your current ability, dance level, or financial situation, we have a program that will fit your needs. You have no need to put off your dream of being a beautiful, graceful, and desired dancer any longer! We have semi-private and group classes designed to accommodate everyone’s ability and financial situation. Call us today at 925-2411 and find out how we can enable you to continue upon your journey of becoming the dancer of your dreams.

Again, thank you for choosing The Ballroom of Sarasota. We look forward to making your dance dreams a reality!


John & Debbie Moldthan

Home of the United States Top Teacher

(941) 925 2411

The Ballroom of Sarasota, 5660 Swift Road, Sarasota, FL 34231, 941-925-2411, email:

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