The Ballroom of Sarasota

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"They are now my friends and extended family. I am honored to be able to take my private lessons with John and strive to uphold the standards and quality of dancing the Ballroom of Sarasota provides.Hope to see you there."    Laura

"(John is a gifted dancer and teacher...) What impressed me most was the TLC given to all students at all levels. Three years ago, I was a novice, tripping over my own feet! Today, I enjoy dancing at competitions throughout the United States. If you are looking for a challenge, fun, a great way to stay fit, and meet new friends, make The Ballroom of Sarasota your dance destination! The first step is up to you!"    Marianne

"John has a great way of using humor and fun during his lessons. You always feel better, like you've really accomplished something. He's a catalyst that brings out the best in you."    Robert

"Like many people, I started ballroom dance lessons to improve my skills as a social dancer. At the studio I met people who had gone beyond that point: they became competitive dancers wearing the gorgeous, fairy-tale costumes and exuding glamour like on “Dancing with the Stars.” At first I was a terrible dancer. But gradually, I improved a little when someone said why don’t you join us at the next competition.

But I know I couldn’t have done any of it without a superior ballroom teacher who, yes, prods, cajoles, praises —occasionally — and insists when I say I can’t do that and I’m not going to do that and he says you can and you will. And I do."    JHW

"Fifteen years of fun, good friends, good dancing, many competitions, top awards - that's what John and Debbie have given me at the Ballroom of Sarasota. It's a thrill just to step out onto the dance floor and become a part of the music, rhythm, and pzazz. Now my doctors say 'Keep it up! It's good for you health!'"    Mary

Based upon my experience at the ballroom: it has taught me about flexibility (my own physical and how to make the most of what I have or have not); relationships with others; it causes me to think about why I want to dance both for purely selfish reasons and mostly because I love it and need it -what you-yes you - have taught me about me and sharing the world with others. I hope, by focusing on what you plant in my mind to become a more rounded kinder person and and enjoy dance to the fullist.    Sonny

"WHY DANCE ?? I asked myself several times when I first started taking lessons several years ago – what a really dumb question! But in 2007 an unexpected answer popped up anyway. I was diagnosed with lung cancer, and my prospects for survival were not overly optimistic. But amidst all the tests and treatments and various unpleasantness that suddenly filled my date book, I still had my dance lesson appointments written in. And for some peculiar reason, it never occurred to me not to keep them – so I just kept on dancing. Perhaps somewhat more feebly than before, but still stubbornly lurching about. And a truly amazing thing happened. My weird little mind came to believe that for me, dancing was more important than cancer. Instead of taking over my life, the whole chemo and radiation and doctor scene became just an annoyance which interrupted my dancing schedule.

Though all that medical stuff had left me considerably weaker (or is it just age ?), I have been cancer-free for nearly two years now. And I firmly believe that continuing to dance instead of allowing the cancer to take over has saved my life. Yes, I have a very good reason to dance !!"    Lee

Ballroom of Sarasota offers a "win-win" opportunity for any dance lover looking for education. fun and friendships. They offer top notch private and group lessons by dedicated instructors as well as social dancing. My private dance instructor, Barry Cotton, has taught me valuable lessons in technique, form, and skills and the confidence I have gained, has encouraged me to continue to grow as a dancer.    Joan

I enjoy ballroom dancing and have been taking lessons for 26 years, it has been a great experience. Lots of fun traveling to different competitions, lessons during the week, meeting lots of nice people and its great exercise. I plan on ballroom dancing for many more years.   Eli

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